How to Sell Coins

To sell your Fanbucket Coins and convert them into real-world currency, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Discovery Zone: Go to the Fanbucket website and navigate to the "Discovery Zone" section on the homepage. This is where you can explore various features and offerings on Fanbucket, including the ability to sell your coins.

  2. Choose the Amount to Sell: In the Sell section, select the amount of Fanbucket Coins you wish to sell. Please note that there is a minimum amount of 6000 coins required for selling. If you have a Customer Success Manager (CSM) assigned to your account, contact them for any alternative minimum coin requirements.

  3. Select Payout Method: Fanbucket provides secure and convenient payout methods for converting your coins. You can choose from available options based on your preferences and eligibility. Please note that payout methods may vary depending on your account verification status.

  4. Confirm the Transaction: Double-check the transaction details, including the amount of coins to sell, the exchange rate, and the selected payout method. If everything looks accurate, proceed with confirming the transaction.

  5. Transaction Processing: The system will process your transaction, convert your Fanbucket Coins into your selected payout currency, and initiate the transfer of funds.

  6. Receive Payout: Once the transaction is successfully processed, you will receive the payout in your chosen payout method and currency. Please allow for processing time and consider any potential currency conversion fees or charges that may apply.

Please note the following important information regarding selling Fanbucket Coins:

  • Minimum Coin Requirement: To sell your coins, you need to meet the minimum coin requirement of 6000 coins. If you have a Customer Success Manager (CSM) assigned to your account, contact them for any alternative minimum coin requirements.

  • Transaction Fees: Fanbucket aims to minimize fees as much as possible, incorporating them into the pricing structure. However, there may be certain fees or charges associated with selling coins that cannot be eliminated. If you notice any fees or reduced amounts in your account, they are non-negotiable and cannot be waived.

  • We will reach out to you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager when we identify that your account would benefit from our additional support. Expect to hear from us soon.

Selling Fanbucket Coins allows you to convert your virtual currency into real-world value. Whether you want to cash out unused coins or manage your coin balance effectively, this feature provides flexibility and convenience.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions. If you have any ideas or recommendations to enhance the selling process or any other aspect of Fanbucket, please share them on our Fanboard at ✨ Wish list - Fanboard ( Your input helps us improve the platform and cater to the needs of our users effectively.

If you encounter any issues or have questions during the selling process, please contact our support team for assistance. We're here to ensure a smooth and seamless experience as you sell your Fanbucket Coins and enjoy the benefits of your earnings.

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